5 Ways to Prevent Ransomware

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There are things you maintain in life - the oil in your car, your haircut or how clean your bathroom is. However, one commonly forgotten item is maintaining the health of your digital devices. While browsing and downloading online has never been easier, it is important to learn safety and to practice regular check-ups on your computer. This can help reduce the risk of falling prey to malicious activities such as ransomware, where an attacker locks all of the files on your computer and demands payment for their release.

Here are some tips on how to protect yourself against ransomware:

  1. Save Remotely
    Back up your files regularly at remote location - cyber-crooks have far less leverage if they’re trying to deny access to something you have backed up on a hard drive in your sock drawer.

  2. Pause Before You Click
    Don’t open anything you weren’t expecting to get without being absolutely sure of its safety - that includes being skeptical of links or attachments from friends or family.

  3. Deactivate Autoplay
    Autoplay allows applications to open digital media instantly and ransomware can exploit this and trick computers into running a program.

  4. Establish Layers of Defense
    The best anti-ransomware defense is simultaneous use of the big three: antivirus applications, firewalls that block unauthorized access and web filtering software that can guide users away from a constantly changing list of dangerous sites.

  5. Stay Up To Date
    For absolutely free protection, accept and install all updates to your computer’s operating systems, browsers and plug-ins as soon as they arrive (thousands of organizations failed to do so and left themselves vulnerable in the current global cyber-attack).

For more tips on how to protect your devices, check out the video below: